About us and where we go

The QualiJet project is the result of a joint venture between the companies La Meccanica SPA, Urgnano (BG) and Bontex Srl, Milano, with the mission of setting up the reference textile digital printing system.

La Meccanica Spa


Our company is specialized in the development and production of textile machinery with a high degree of automatization and we are exporting our products worldwide from over 20 years.

Our technical and logistical structure is ideal for the production of high precision equipment as digital printers and our vocation to customer satisfaction recompensed us with a constant growth.

Bontex Srl


Our activity started in Milano in 1967. Initially we looked after textile machinery. In 1985 we started our software division for the development and sale of graphic solutions for the textile and fashion industry.


The rapid growth of digital textile printing and our curiosity for the new technologies convinced us to build the first digital printers in 2001. The year after we signed an important contract for the supply of our printers to Stork, the printing textile machinery world leader, who distributed our equipment worldwide under his brand. This experience brought us to produce over 150 printers and helped us refining and optimizing the product.


Our mission is the strengthening of a complete range of large format digital printers, software and services for the printing of apparel and furnishing fabrics, without forgetting the production of printed banners and flags.

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  La Meccanica Spa
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