Professional software for textile ink-jet printing


Qualiprint is not just a printer driver but a complete professional software package for textile ink-jet printing with all functions required by textile design printing, from colorways to colour books generation, sample and small scale industrial production printing.

A typical aspect of of QualiPrint is the direct control of the 8 basic printer's colours allowing total control over the wide printable colours gamut, dot size control by colour intensity and design detail with overall dithering reduction and colorways repeatability.

Main functions:
  • Printer's colour space generation and profiling
  • Colour Books generation and management
  • Colorways from grey scale TIFF separated or PSD - Photoshop channel separated textile designs
  • Printout of TIFF and JPEG photographic or continuous tone pictures and designs.
  • Printout of textile colorways created from colour books
  • Print layout definition, step and repeat, print cue
  • Ink use and print cost estimation

QualiPrint was developed for newest generation textile printer's intensive industrial use and has all functions for a safe and efficient work-flow control

QualiPrint requires a standard PC with a fast processor, 1 Gb ram and Windows XP OS