QualiJet HS

QualiJet FP - ink-jet printer for Flags & Banners

The QualiJet FP is a new high speed textile digital printer, based on the Mimaki Jv5, entirely developed and built in our factory in Italy, ideal for high quality production runs on a wide range of textile substrates, up to 1.6 m. width a production speed well over 40 m2/hr in high resolution. The QualiJet FP with its speed potential and colour control, combined with a competitive price and small footprint opens new opportunities to textile digital print

40 m2/h textile printer

Industrial scale textile digital printing is finally made easy thanks the QualiJet FP. Top quality print results at production speeds of over 40 m2/h in 2x4 color mode, 540x720 dpi. The ink-jet printer is delivered fully assembled, tested,, ready to print.

New print heads, speed, safety and quality

The QualiJet FP comes with the new extra wide variable dot Epson print heads, with 1440 nozzles per head, 4 times more the conventional print heads. The distance from the print heads and the fabric surface is automatically controlled by a sensor. A sophisticated laser device checks on the fly each nozzle efficiency and prevents from print faults.

Extra precision with the new mini-belt drive

A precision axial fabric roll unwind system with photocell edge sensor and air shaft, takes the fabric precisely and smoothly onto the mini-belt drive, trhough the print area, to the final axial rewinder. Thanks this industrual heavy duty fabric feed system, the QualiJet FP can handle hevy fabric rolls, up to 50 cm. diameter, with a perfect web control to ensure moire and bending free printis at maximum speeds.

Enhanced hot air infrared dryer

Perfect fabric drying at full speed is obtained with a new infrared drywer with forced air flow

Open ink supply system

The QualiJet FP can print with all disperse, sublimatic, acid, reactive inks compatible with the Epson print heads, both from jumbo 2 liter cartridges and external 8 x 1.6 liters bulk feed systems. An optianal on-line ink-degassing system improves ink performances reducing cleaning cycles and ink waste by over 30%.

Quality and innovation

The QualiJet FP printers are manufactured with a visibly higher quality standard that can be perceived at first impact. A lot of substance and a long list of new ideas, like the mini-belt drive, with a tendency to perfection.

QualiJet FP technical data

Printer Variable dot piezo print heads - based on Mimaki JV5
Print heads 4 extra wide 1440 nozzles piezo print heads - Each head 8 colours, 8 x180 nozzle rows
Print heads level Automatic print head level adjustment from substrate: 0 -7 mm
Optional manual print head lifting device to print on thick substrates: 0 - 8 cm
Print head cleaning Automatic print head cleaning cycle - automatic laser nozzles check
Print resolutions 540 - 720 - 900 - 1080 - 1440 dpi a 4,6,8 pass - mono & bidirectional
Fabric transport Axial heavy duty fabric roll unwinder and rewinder, mini-belt fabric transport system
Print width, roll size Maximum print width: 161 cm (63,3”) - maximum fabric roll diameter: 50 cm. ( 20”)
Print speed 4 Colours - 540 x 720 dpi, 4 pass, bidirectional, 54 m2/h
8 Colours - 540 x 720 dpi, 8 pass, bidirectional, 30-32 m2/h
8 Colours - 720 x 720 dpi, 8 pass, bidirectional, 26-28 m2/h
Ink feed system External bulk feed with 8 tanks each about 1,6 liter - optional online ink degassing
INKS Disperse (sublimatic), Acid, Reactive,
4 colours: CMYK
8 colours: CMYK, red, blue, orange, grey
Interface USB 2.0
Noise level < 50 db
Dimensions Width: 3,2 m - Depth: 1,36 m - Height: 1,5 m - Weight: 600 kg
Electric supply Printer: Ac200V - 240V - 50/60Hz
Fabric transport system : Ac380V - 50/60Hz - 6 kw installed power - working power approx. 2 Kwh CE compliant
Working environment Temperature range: 20-35 °c - Humidity 45-65 % rh

Contact: info@qualijet.eu